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Founded in September 2006 by Marcia Holton, this service started as a pick-me-up for a friend. Realizing that all too often, we don't take the time to motivate and encaourage our loved ones, or tell those that we cherish, appreciate or admire how we feel about them, she decided to do something different! By combining her love of cooking and baking for over 20 years, her God given talent of ministering in song, along with a great sense of humor, she believed she could make a difference. So with a cake in hand and a chef's hat in tow and a desire to brighten up the day of someone she cared about, TastieTunes was born. Beginning with a surprise entry that lets everyone around know something special is about to take place, your loved ones will be swept off their feet from the moment the TastieTune begins.
The TastieTune experience is one to be cherished forever! It begins with the presentation of a delicious, homemade baked good and delivery of a personlized message from the sender finishing with an excerpt of a song by a professional vocalist. We travel to wherever you need a unique gift sent - schools, restarants hair salons/barbershops, business establishments, etc. Customized for each recipient, TastieTunes will make a lasting impression. Deliver love, life, hope and cheer to (extra)ordinary people by sending your loved one a TastieTune today! It is "The Sweetest Inspiration You'll Ever Taste."
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